Education offices deal poorly with petitions [2015/01/21 09:45]

Twelve of Korea`s 17 education offices were found to have poorly responded to civilian complaints in 2014, a state-run watchdog said Wednesday. 

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission announced the results of their annual evaluation of state entities` responses to citizens` complaints, and sorted 41 government bodies and 17 education offices into five groups from “very satisfactory” to “very unsatisfactory.”

It graded each institutes on a scale of 100, and assessed them based on whether the petitioner was satisfied, how much effort was put into addressing the said complaint and whether or not each government body placed sufficient effort make it easier for citizens to submit petitions. Those scored 85 or more received “very satisfactory” rating, and those in 80-84, 75-79, 65-74 range was marked satisfactory, average and unsatisfactory, respectively.

Those who scored below 65 were rated “very unsatisfactory.” Only three education offices -- in Daegu, North Chungcheong Province and Daejeon -- were in the “satisfactory” group while 10 -- including the one in most populous areas of Seoul and Gyeonggi Province -- were labeled “unsatisfactory.” Three -- Sejong City, Incheon and Gwangju -- were assessed to be “very unsatisfactory” and the remaining two were evaluated to be “average.”

Among administrative organizations, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Military Manpower Administration and Public Procurement Service and now-disbanded National Emergency Management Agency received top marks, with none landing in the bottom group.

The report showed that on average, local education offices scored 71.1 out of 100 in 2014, up 2.2 points from the year before. The average score for other government bodies were 80.1, improving marginally by 1 point compared to 2013.

“We expected that the recent sinking of the Sewol ferry would have negative repercussions on how citizens perceived government bodies. But the government officials` effort to improve their services appear to have resulted in improved ratings,” an ACRC official said.
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