Dispute grows as leak probe nears end [2014/12/31 10:52]

The controversy surrounding the Cheong WaDae document leak continued to grow Thursday even though the prosecution`s probe was nearing its end. Police Superintendent Park Gwan-cheon, who is in custody and faces charges of violating presidential archives regulations, claimed that he might disclose highly sensitive information regarding the developments in an interview with a local broadcaster.

Saying that for now he was keeping the secrets to himself out of loyalty to the president, he said that he might regret the decision in the future and implied that he could disclose highly sensitive information. “The people will be shocked if I reveal the details of the (Chung Yoon-hoi) documents, the incidents (that took place) during the investigation and how the document came to be written,” Park Gwan-cheon said.

The Chung Yoon-hoi documents are intelligence reports Park Gwan-cheon compiled on Chung, a former aide of President Park Geun-hye, and his alleged meddling in state affairs. The superintendent claimed that Cho Eung-cheon trusted him with sensitive tasks due to his ability to keep secrets. Cho is a former presidential secretary who headed the department concerned with discipline within the civil service.

After the document was leaked to the media, the ensuing news reports set off a probe by the prosecution. The prosecution has so far determined that the secret groups formed or linked to Chung and Park Ji-man do not exist, and that intelligence reports regarding the two are based on fabricated or unverified information. The report regarding Park Ji-man, which stated that Chung placed him under surveillance, is thought to have been complied by Park Gwan-cheon without being based on a proper investigation.

The prosecution also believes that police inspectors Choi and Han were the only people directly involved in the documents that were leaked to the media, and Han was reported to have confessed to his part in the incident. Han, however, told a local daily on Wednesday that he had never seen the documents in question. He also said that Choi received related information from a journalist, and that he and Choi were being framed.

The police inspector, however, did not comment on Cheong WaDae`s alleged attempt to influence the investigation through him. It has been alleged that the presidential office told Han that if he confessed to the charges against him, he would not be indicted.

The allegation was first made public through Choi`s suicide note. Although Han was reported to have backed up the claims to the local broadcaster JTBC, his lawyer later refuted the reports, saying that his client had not been in contact with anyone from that broadcaster.
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