Speaker calls revote on Assembly bill [2015/07/15 10:24]

The National Assembly will revote Saturday on the controversial revision to the National Assembly law vetoed by President Park Geun-hye last week, the parliamentary speaker said Tuesday, regardless of the majority Saenuri Party`s decision not to participate.

“The revision to the National Assembly law will be put to a vote first at the regular session on July 6,” National Assembly Speaker Chung Eui-hwa said in a statement. The Assembly`s regular session will be postponed for five days, he added. The parliament was to hold a regular session Wednesday.

Chung said the decision is in accordance with the relevant laws that require the Assembly to reconsider a bill sent back by the president. Chung`s decision came days after the Saenuri Party lawmakers decided not to put the bill up for a revote in a gesture of reconciliation toward the president who had strongly lambasted the party last week for approving the bill pushed by the opposition.

Chances appear to be slim for the Assembly to override Park`s veto, as the governing party with a majority 160 seats are likely to boycott the vote. Saenuri chief Kim Moo-sung said the party would attend the regular session to comply with the Assembly speaker`s decision. The party`s floor leader Rep. Yoo Seong-min later elaborated on Kim`s remark that they didn`t mean that Saenuri Party lawmakers would cast votes on the bill.

To override a vetoed bill, more than two-thirds of the vote is required. If the vote fails to meet the quorum of 149 lawmakers, the bill is automatically scrapped. With the Assembly speaker putting the bill to a vote again, the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy withdrew its decision to boycott parliamentary sessions for the last five days. But opposition leader Rep. Moon Jae-in blasted the Saenuri Party for objecting to a revote of the bill, calling the party “a coward.”

“Lawmakers are obligated to participate in a vote on a bill that was returned for reconsideration,” Moon told reporters at a party event. “There won`t be other choices.” Moon also slammed the ruling party for rolling back its decision to pass the bill, following President Park`s scathing criticism of lawmakers attempting to challenge the government`s administrative power.

“The bill was (previously) approved by the Saenuri Party. They should participate in the vote again fair and square.” The bill, which enables lawmakers to request the government to modify its decree, returned to the parliament Thursday after Park exercised her first veto, citing unconstitutionality. Park criticized both parties, particularly the Saenuri leadership, for passing the bill, saying that they were “betraying the people” in pursuit of their political interests.

Her remarks apparently were aimed at Saenuri chief whip Rep. Yoo, who led a legislative deal with the main opposition party to pass the Assembly bill along with a reform bill on civil servants` pension. The Saenuri Party appears to be rejecting a revote of the Assembly bill in a dire effort to mend ties with Cheong Wa Dae, but also to help the embattled floor leader step down “honorably.”

Yoo has been resisting demands from Saenuri lawmakers loyal to President Park, saying that he needs more time to think.
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