Mom arrested for neglecting children’s education [2016/02/23 17:11]

A mother of two daughters was arrested for neglecting her children by preventing them from getting proper educations, police said Saturday. This is the first time in Korea a parent has been arrested for neglecting the parental duty of giving education.

Goseong Police in South Gyeongsang Province said they detained a 42-year-old woman identified by her surname Park for not providing proper educational care for her two daughters, aged 9 and 12.

Police launched a nationwide search last month for the whereabouts and status of students who have been reported absent from schools for a prolonged period of time, or those who have not been admitted to schools in time. The campaign is part of the efforts to curb child abuse upon a series of high-profile murder and violence cases involving children and their parents this year.

In the midst of the search, police found that Park’s second daughter was never admitted to an elementary school. Park’s first child remains missing, but was never reported, the police said.

Park defended herself, saying she was afraid of exposing her identity as she was hiding from debt collectors. She also said she lost the first child at a playground in 2009. Police are further probing the case, suspecting that Park may be involved in the case of the missing 12-year-old.
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