Low earners gain least from Park`s health policy [2014/10/29 09:27]

Fewer low-income earners in South Korea have benefited from the national health insurance program`s increased coverage of expenses related to the “four major diseases” that require costly treatment, including cancer and heart disease, while more high income earners recouped far more benefits from the policy, according to Rep. AhnCheo-soo`s office.

The four serious diseases are cancer, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and a total of 138 yet-to-be cured conditions such as Crohn`s disease.

According to the lawmaker of the main opposition party, only 19.9 percent of the patients who belong to the poorest 30 percent of the population benefited from the program, while 41.5 percent of the patients who belong to the wealthiest 30 percent grabbed the benefits from July of last year to March.

Rep. Ahn said many low-income earners cannot afford to pay for treatment, as the four major diseases, even with the aid of an increased coverage by the state-run agency, are expensive to treat.

In total, 1,590,295 patients with the four diseases benefited from the increased coverage in the cited nine-month period. The program was one of the key election pledges of President Park Geun-hye in 2012.
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